For the project teams that will be directly involved in the activities it will be an invaluable experience of cooperating with different peers across Europe. They will develop and test their skill sets within an ambitious and creative transnational project. They will gain new perspectives and ideas upon their methods of working within their specific fields and have the opportunity to take in new approaches from the varied consortium of partners. Their involvement in the project will inspire and encourage them for future initiatives. The participants of Training for Guidance Counselors will also benefit from the transnational cooperation and the strength and diversity of partners. They will gain the skills and knowledge upon how to implement the developed iYOT mobile guidance counseling system in their countries and as such be able to offer an innovative training to their prospective learners. The participants of the dissemination activity will be the users of the developed iYOT mobile application and its associated resources. Through undertaking the complete distant guidance counseling they will raise the skills, tools and knowledge for involvement in adult education and lifelong activities and increase their intellectual and mobility potential for better labor market opportunities. They will also receive a Certificate to validate their non-formal knowledge, skills and experience which will give them confidence within themselves and from others to channel their energy, passion and creativity through a well oriented and organized self-growth and active involvement using modern EU based approaches.

Participating organisations

The organizations involved in this project will benefit from the increased capacity of their staff members. Their project managers, researchers, trainers and technicians will develop their capacity considerably through involvement in this project (as described above), and as such will be strengthened as beneficial resources of the organization, increasing the organizations overall capacity. In addition through the trained iYOT Guidance Counselors the organizations will have the resources to implement the developed project results nationally, offering their perspective learners an innovative tool and methods. Furthermore, through the organizations involvement in this project and their capacity to implement the developed iYOT, they will procure a positive image from participating in a socially beneficial initiative and through the close working relationship with the other partners, they will have a strong network with whom to develop future proposals.

Target Groups

The Primary target groups of the project are adult educators, teachers, mentors, peers or prospective individuals, willing to gain skills for delivering mobile guidance counseling system, developed by project partners. It is expected that the impact upon this target group will be an increased capacity and confidence for more active involvement into educational and lifelong learning activities, especially in the means of strengthening capacity for labor market opportunities. They will gain key knowledge and skills, along with insights from other sectors to enable them to sustainably manage and administer iYOT mobile guidance counseling system, that offers adult participants recognition of their non-formal education activities with the aim of fostering their employability and overall welfare.

The Secondary target group are adults from different groups (young adults, unemployed, long-term unemployed middle aged adults, women, drop-outs), it is expected they will be impacted with an increased accessibility to non-formal learning activities. With Certificate for recognition of non-formal knowledge they will see the benefit and importance of their involvement in lifelong learning and take up more opportunities for involvement and transnational mobility. They will feel the worth of the learning outcomes of the activities they have been involved in and be motivated to put them into use both when entering the job market or further education.


The stakeholders include adult education organizations, counselors at employment offices, and counsellors in education, youth workers, other educational organizations and institutions, local authorities, national/European authorities, private sector businesses and employers. They will be impacted significantly, either directly by the enhanced capacity of their staff, or in-directly through the increased positive awareness and recognition of their activities from other stakeholders. These stakeholders will gain an increased positive awareness and regard for non-formal learning as an integral element in the overall education and development of adult participants and understanding upon how the activities of adult education organizations contribute significantly to the procurement of transversal skills amongst adults through non-formal education.