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Dissemination inside the each participating partner organisation is based on project implementation team. They inform other associates and employed about the aims and objectives of the iYOT project and keep them up to date with regular internal meetings.

Also all of the cooperating external adult educators, teachers, counselors, peers and trainers of each participating organisation are being informed about iYOT and were initially invited to participate in the Training for Guidance Counselors.

The primary target groups for dissemination activities are therefore individuals interested in becoming iYOT guidance counsellors to raise their competence (adult educators, learners, teachers, mentors, peers, study group leaders), and individuals willing to undergo guidance counseling over distance with support of iYOT mobile application and trained Guidance Counselors ((young adults, unemployed, long-term unemployed middle aged adults, women, drop-outs).

In addition the activities also target the identified stakeholders which include:

  • adult education organizations (to raise their counseling abilities)
  • counsellors at employment offices (to inform the unemployed about possibilities of iYOT)
  • counsellors in education (to raise their competence)
  • youth workers (to disseminate the Certificate of non-formal knowledge amongst young)
  • other educational organisations and institutions (to inform participants)
  • local authorities (to disseminate the Erasmus+ programme and it’s support of innovative approaches in adult education)
  • national authorities (to issue a national validation on iYOT Certificate)
  • private sector businesses and employers in general (to understand and value the iYOT Certificate by future employed)

The EU level will be reached through communication with EACEA officials, project officers, and through information published on public web portals of EU Commission. In addition on EU level the target audience are internal networks of organizations by each participating partner, which gives approximately 50 different organizations.